How It Works

Here's how you can connect with GENUINE “ready to buy now” customers for service, repairs, installs and other lucrative projects with your local hardware store and the 1-800-REPAIRS Pro Provider Network. 

Everyday, customers ask their local hardware store for professional resources for plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, handyman and other Pros. Now, Pros like you can turn the “do you know a Pro” question into profits when you join the 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Provider Network. It’s fast, free, and you'll earn more and connect with new customers.

Here's how it works.

Connecting customers with Repair Pros.
You + your local hardware store + the Repair Pro Network = Success!

Customers ask at their local hardware stores if they know a Pro

Customers call the hardware hotline or go online to find a Pro


Tap into new repairs and project revenue

Homeowners rely on you more than ever for Pro Services and your expertise. As more and more millennials purchase homes, industry research tells us that many of those new homeowners would rather hire out their projects rather than do it themselves. As a Repair Pro, building a reliable 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Provider online profile makes more sense than ever.

Here's how the 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Provider Network works for you


Hardware store takes customer repair request


Your local hardware store enters all the customer data in the store, by phone or online.



You charge your regular price, complete the project and the customer pays you directly


A service order is automatically created


The service order is created and the store emails or calls you with the customer repair request

You pay the hardware store a small dispatch fee


You pay a nominal dispatch fee to the hardware store for administrative expenses

There are no monthly or annual costs to be included on the Repair Pro Network. 

You charge your regular price and the customer pays you directly.

You pay the hardware store a nominal work order fee.

You can take jobs based on your availability. 

You perform the repair for the homeowner


Connect your home services skills with the power of your local hardware store and the 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Provider Network

The “DIFM” {Do-it-for-me} consumer is on the rise and “DIY” consumer is on the decline as baby boomers grow older and millennial home ownership is rising rapidly. 


No problem! We can refer you to one of our local 1.800.REPAIRS Pros for the installation.

I'm not sure I can install it.

You'll tap into a nationwide marketing campaign

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Your local hardware store will implement ads, banners and online marketing programs to promote local repairs and projects

Common “Do-it-for-me” Projects

1.800.REPAIRS Pro Provider Network Q&A

New jobs. New customers. Become a 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Services Provider today.