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How it Works


All 1.800.REPAIRS customer calls from your area ring to your store or "In Store Customers"


Enter the customer information into the Customer Referral Management System 


ALL 1.800.REPAIRS customer calls for REPAIR REQUESTS 
from your zip code area... 
ring directly to your phone.

Retail Checkout Counter

Create a work request ticket which is automatically sent to your contractor/customers
(See work disclaimer)


Your repair company/contractor performs the job


Your repair company/contractor pays you a referral fee


The contractor contacts the customer,  does the job and the
customer pays them directly.


Your contractor/customer pays your store a simple referral fee. 
You set the amount.
(Average: $ 25 Per)

Only ONE location can be programmed to receive ALL 1.800.REPAIRS calls per zip code.

Complete Package Includes: 

  • 1.800.REPAIRS Phone Line (ALL calls from your zip ring exclusively to you)

  • 1.800.REPAIRS Marketing Materials (Banners & End Cap Signage)

  • 1.800.REPAIRS Customer & Contractor Data Management System including Automatic Job Request Information Delivery 

How much NEW REVENUE could this mean for your store?

Using an average referral fee $ 25

  •   1 referral a day    = $   6,500 a year

  •   2 referrals a day   = $ 13,000 a year

  •   3 referrals a day   = $ 19,500 a year

  •   4 referrals a day   = $ 26,000 a year

  •   5 referrals a day   = $ 32,500 a year

  • 10 referrals a day   = $ 65,000 a year

Job types

Make money when you sell a hammer...

Make MORE money when someone swings the hammer

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