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Meet Kerry



Kerry Lauricella is the CEO of 1.800.REPAIRS...

and has over 40 years experience in the home repair industry. 


Kerry is a nationally recognized expert and speaker in the repair & hardware industry. 


Years ago, Kerry owned a local home improvement company and faced the same problem as his competitors… customers had to go to the “phone book” to look up his number. To solve this problem, Kerry bought the number 1.800.REPAIRS as an “alternative” to the Yellow Pages. By simply including 1.800.REPAIRS in his company’s existing advertising, it increased response by over 30%. Later, when 1.800.REPAIRS expanded nationally, Kerry created a telephone system which has enabled other companies to also benefit from 1.800.REPAIRS. 


Kerry is a lifelong resident of the New Orleans area. He’s been married to his wife Sandy for over forty years, has two children and three grandchildren. Kerry is an avid Tulane football supporter (Alex his son/attorney was a cornerback there…) Kerry is also a true “cowboy” and has managed his family’s cattle farm in southern Louisiana (Brahman cattle).


Mr. Lauricella is a former, two time elected official who set a mind boggling record of votes cast for any candidate with 87% of the vote! Kerry is one of America’s top public relations and marketing experts. 

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