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How it Works

Customers calling 1.800.REPAIRS
are connected directly to an
Approved 1.800.REPAIRS Location.

Watch Our Explanation Video by our CEO Kerry Lauricella
Car Repair

How 1.800.REPAIRS works

Customers calling 1.800.REPAIRS  select Home or Auto and enter their zip code. 


The 1.800.REPAIRS technology immediately connects the call directly to an Approved 1.800.REPAIRS Location.


How people hear about

1.800.REPAIRS is advertised nationally and hyper-locally as an easy way to find a local repair company. 



1.800.REPAIRS is advertised hyper-locally via various targeted advertising packages such as online directories, print, social, outdoor digital billboards, job site signage, door hangers etc.

1.800.REPAIRS provides marketing support materials including the "Approved 1.800.REPAIRS Location" camera-ready-artwork.

Benefits to Repair Companies

When customers need repairs...
they need to talk to someone.

To find a repair company's telephone number they search online... 
Only to find their competitors.

1.800.REPAIRS customers don't have to search online.

They just call 1.800.REPAIRS


Incredibly easy to remember

1.800.REPAIRS gives customers an easy-to-remember way to contact you.

Customers no longer have to “Google” to find your number thus reducing the risk of being diverted by a competitor advertisement.  

Happy Plumbers

Why it works

National studies show that using an easy to remember number like 1.800.FLOWERS and 1.800.REPAIRS can increase calls by 30%. The 1.800.REPAIRS number is so powerful, when customers see it just ONE time, they will never forget YOUR store’s number.   

1-800-REPAIRS is the easiest-to-remember number in the repair industry 

There is no other way to give your location a viable method to generate new customers containing the power of 1.800.REPAIRS.  

Ready to Apply to become a 1.800.REPAIRS Approved Location and receive customer calls?

Or, get in touch with us to learn more.

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